15 Beautiful L-Shaped Kitchens

If you are planning to have a larger kitchen working space, having an L-shaped kitchen may just be for you. Regular kitchen has this one long slab of granite on their wooden cabinets and has it all in one area, but getting the L-shaped layout makes your kitchen or anybody’s kitchen more functional and attractive. There are a lot of things to love it, and we will tell you why. Today, we will be showing you 15 Beautiful L-Shaped Kitchens which gives you more ideas as to how as to how to make your kitchen spaces make more storage accessible; create a display; not overpopulate your walls; have more drawer space and break up a solid run. Honestly, the list is endless, but let us go ahead and check out the photos below! Brownstone Renovation

15 Beautiful L-Shaped Kitchens 1

We see a fab black and white kitchen with an L-shaped design for the counters. The design has clean lines, modern materials and just enough air to create a happy aura for this lovely kitchen. Canal Townhomes

15 Beautiful L-Shaped Kitchens 2

The grain on the cabinet doors is just lovely! The browns were played really well. Elemental Design did a really good job! Concrete House

15 Beautiful L-Shaped Kitchens 3

The detailing for this kitchen is space is just fancy! The ceiling treatment, the counter for the island and the backsplash are heaven! They are really stunning and really fun to look at! Ellsworth

15 Beautiful L-Shaped Kitchens 4

View of the open plan kitchen and dining area and thought the floor to ceiling window to the backyard. Note the colors of the kitchen, the table and the lamp – we just love them! Karlin Apartment Interior

15 Beautiful L-Shaped Kitchens 5

Dark brown cabinets below the countertops paired with white glossy top cabinets make a great pair! All the whites in this kitchen space go down the drain because of the browns matched with it. Even the blue chairs made a statement in this one! Kitchen Cabinet – OP12-L045

15 Beautiful L-Shaped Kitchens 6

We love the color palette used for this modular kitchen from Oppein Global. The design is feminine – it’s clean and subtle which means you can always recreate the space by adding more colors to it. Los Angeles Modern Kitchen

15 Beautiful L-Shaped Kitchens 7

Look at the tall, narrow cabinetry which is actually a refrigerator. Another trick for creating a unique fridge is changing the shape. We’re so used to seeing wide, boxy designs that this sleek version can’t help but trick the eye. Mid-Century ReModern

15 Beautiful L-Shaped Kitchens 8

After the countertops are installed, it’s time to think about backsplash installation and painting. Your counter sets the lower line for your tile, so even though you could install the tile before templating, you’ll get a better-looking backsplash if you wait. MPD Residence

15 Beautiful L-Shaped Kitchens 9

A white kitchen with dashes of reds on the chairs and the backsplash is just lovely! The kitchen is actually smaller than usual spaces but the L-shaped modular kitchen gave more working space for our home cook! Pacific Avenue

15 Beautiful L-Shaped Kitchens 10

The countertop is fabulous! It has clean lines, it’s sleek and the neutral palette is just stunning! Rassmusen Residence

15 Beautiful L-Shaped Kitchens 11

This large kitchen space is pretty much made more spacious because of the L-shaped kitchen was designed with. The wooden finish is elegant and real neat. Lighting was also considered impeccably. Seattle Modern Kitchen

15 Beautiful L-Shaped Kitchens 12

The cabinet doors look really awesome which very much complements with the bronze-like color for the drawers and the hardware. Really interesting color play along with the ceiling and the chairs. Tel Aviv Modern Kitchen

15 Beautiful L-Shaped Kitchens 13

Here the designer has opted for Eames Shell chairs with wooden legs. They stand out next to all of the white in this eat-in kitchen. Urban Green

15 Beautiful L-Shaped Kitchens 14

This Minneapolis kitchen is simple but really pretty. The L-shaped counters give way to more function and space to this modern kitchen. Wolf Residence

15 Beautiful L-Shaped Kitchens 15

This picture says a thousand words about hiring a professional photographer and interior stylist when shooting interiors. But let us just say that the Coconut Chair in the distance plays off a strong angle created by this island and the coordinating angle on the ceiling. There are a lot of elements to creating a fabulous kitchen space because of how one area can seem more functional because of the overall feel you will have when you successfully create your kitchen as amazing as the 15 Beautiful L-Shaped Kitchens above. Tell us about your kitchen stories and also, do check out the 15 Different Granite Kitchen Countertops that can surely be a stunning design for any home!

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