20 Astounding Dream Kitchen Designs

Ever thought of doing some minor or major renovation in your kitchen? Planned of making it into the dream kitchen you’ve always wanted? Well, for today, we will be showing you a couple of photos that are definitely dream worthy! We think 20 Astounding Dream Kitchen Designs will bring about inspiration to anyone out there who has not made their minds yet. These 20 Astounding Dream Kitchen Designs are photos from wonderful homes we think you that would actually like and maybe eventually love. From traditional homes, to contemporary ones and even the modern ones – we are quite sure that you’d like this collection may hope that maybe share them with your friends. Take a closer look guys! Camelia Court

20 Astounding Dream Kitchen Designs 1

Image: Garrison Hullinger This lovely white kitchen is indeed one charming space. From the white walls, ceiling and cabinets, we see how clean this space will turn out every time. The absolute black granite used for the counters added beauty to the space. Chancellor Street Residence

20 Astounding Dream Kitchen Designs 2

Image: Sandvold Blanda | Architecture + Interiors, LLC This gorgeous kitchen is extremely modern and really classy! Even the vintage 1880′s pine flooring speaks of beauty! Dandelion House

20 Astounding Dream Kitchen Designs 3

Image: Loop Design This remodelling of a two-storey home in South Austin made the entire first floor open up and enlarged the kitchen and upgraded to be able to meet the demands of the homeowners who obviously loves to cook. French Colonial Style Kitchen

20 Astounding Dream Kitchen Designs 4

Image: Colonial Craft Kitchens, Inc. According to HGTV, this kitchen was designed for efficient cooking, and it looks fabulously French doing it. Designed to evoke the French Colonial period, its 10-foot ceilings, emblematic arches and intricate woodwork would have made Louis XIV proud. A decorative armoire, topped with iron pieces imported from Italy, hides the refrigerator, and a two-tiered Madura Gold granite island features a wet bar and two integrated white ovens. The island also features a raised seating area perfect for gatherings Glamorous Four Square

20 Astounding Dream Kitchen Designs 5

Image: Jessica Helgerson Interior Design The designers gutted the small and dysfunctional kitchen and used up the under-utilized back pantry and mudroom, they were able to create a large cooking space and a dining space. Gold Coast Kitchen

20 Astounding Dream Kitchen Designs 6

Image: Interiors by Darren James Darren James did a good job in designing and building the dream kitchen of the homeowners. They wanted premium quality in every detail: design, materials, workmanship and finish and they sure got it. Kohi House

20 Astounding Dream Kitchen Designs 7

Image: MC | Mal Corboy Pretty chic kitchen with acrylic two-toned cabinets, white swivel bar stools and eat in kitchen design. Any girl would love to live in this kitchen! Seriously. LEED Gold – Houston

20 Astounding Dream Kitchen Designs 8

Image: RD Architecture, LLC This kitchen has a custom-designed island with formaldehyde free cabinets. Notice the structural steel column wrapped and tiled in black penny rounds. Los Angeles Modern Kitchen

20 Astounding Dream Kitchen Designs 9

Image: Horst Architects Brushed travertine slab was used for the counters and did a magnificent job for the entire space. Even the brushed limestone slabs made the flooring spectacular! Maui

20 Astounding Dream Kitchen Designs 10

Image: Arri-Lecrom Design Association Just by looking at this kitchen, we can imagine how spaces in movies look as stunning as these. A few things that make this kitchen special is the custom-made airy bar stools and the unique wine fridge. Something which is usually missing in a great kitchen! Miami Home

20 Astounding Dream Kitchen Designs 11

Image: Architectural Design Consultants, Inc. An elevated granite countertop accents this lovely kitchen, matched with dark wood cabinets. In this example, we are able to see that grey and yellow is a great combo – the subtleness of grey makes the yellow really stand out. Modern Kitchen Contemporary Kitchen

20 Astounding Dream Kitchen Designs 12

Image: Impala | Kitchens & Bathrooms This kitchen has the best backlighting we have ever seen. Just looking at the onyx breakfast bar, we can definitely say that it’s color and look matches everything that was put together, both by the owner and the designers. Orinda Residence

20 Astounding Dream Kitchen Designs 13

Image: Strening Architects For this beautiful hill top home, the couple who owned the space wanted to make sure that the heart of this home would be the kitchen. The designers made sure to fulfill just that. A lovely kitchen made with white cabinets, drawers, beams and even the counters! Papyrus Home Design

20 Astounding Dream Kitchen Designs 14

Image: Pickell Architecture White kitchen spaces are definitely a favorite for kitchen lovers. Who wouldn’t like seeing how gorgeous one white space can be, especially when matched with the right decors and furniture. We really love the pendant lights made of brushed nickel. Paris Kitchen

20 Astounding Dream Kitchen Designs 15

Image: Brandon Barre With the colors used in this kitchen space, it is pretty obvious how the dark hardwood floors worked with the white cabinets. Accents like the black tapestry for the pendants made the look complete. Sublime Kitchen

20 Astounding Dream Kitchen Designs 16

Image: Mueller Nicholls The Ether pendant light by the dining area is a sure hit! It basically made the heavenly kitchen look more pretty than it already is. The goal was to create a sleek and elegant kitchen, it was indeed achieved. The frosted glass backsplash and the stainless steel island was just a plus! Russian Hill

20 Astounding Dream Kitchen Designs 17

Image: M Architecture Looking at this dream kitchen, we can throw in a few words like banquette, breakfast bar, ceiling lighting, marble kitchen counters, modern fixtures, neutral colors – just a few things that make this space work it altogether. The Brunswick

20 Astounding Dream Kitchen Designs 18

Image: Mascord House Plans This kitchen is definitely a charmer – the porcelain slab used for the counters look really terrific. It matches the white walls, cabinets and the ceiling. Upper Montclair

20 Astounding Dream Kitchen Designs 19

Image: Oasis Architecture Notice the herringbone tiles by the range which looks pretty with the white woodworks around it – along of course the stunning white marble countertop and fab pendant lights. Vail Residence

20 Astounding Dream Kitchen Designs 20

Image: Jorge Castillo Design Inc. We loved how the blonde wood looked really great in this space. From the breakfast nook, to the counter stools and glossy cabinets, who would not love this kitchen? We definitely love how those 20 Astounding Dream Kitchen Designs made us imagine how much beauty one space can have and inspire us to make one dream come true by creating or recreating a kitchen space we already have. We hoped you like this list and come back for more. Check out 15 Pretty Living Room Decors and tell us what you think! Happy Monday guys!

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